Protect Ya Neck

“My life is good, I got my peeps in the mix, so
Worst come to worst, my people come first”
in “Worst Comes To Worst” by Dilated Peoples

There is a sense of brotherhood across this whole movement of which we are a part - hip-hop. We feel it from the relationship we have with the brands we use, the slang we speak and the artists we follow. We may talk sh*t about each other, but in the moment of truth we always protect our own.
“Protect Ya Neck” is an exhibition focused on this sense of protection in a culture that is ours. It is focused on the brother who watches during the mission. On the partner who gives that fill to speed up the process. On the bro that carries the material. On the friend who photographs and films. On the homie who recognizes when he sees a new work on the street. We want this to be a celebration of belonging to this counterculture that we love.

For that, Circus Network has given freedom to six artists to invite six others to show what they feel as true “brotherhood” in an unusual art object that has everything to do with the theme - a scarf. Besides this clothing piece, each artist also design an illustration that was printed in risography.

Dennis Dxtr TheWeird x Vidam
Richt Paint x 45RPM
Min x Lobovision
Nacho Eterno x GR170